Monday, August 22

"World Traveller"

My shtick ever since I graduated High School has been traveling. I work to make enough money to go places - that's it. Last year I went on a trip every two-three months. This year I will have only gone on two trips. TWO! I feel like I can no longer classify myself as a traveller, as there are regular people who take two vacations per year and don't identify themselves by it. 

I'm itching to go somewhere. I'm not even picky about where. If I was handed a plane ticket tomorrow, I'd be gone. I tried writing out a list of all the places I wish to go, but it started to look like just a list of every  country in the world so I gave up. A simpler list would be "The World sans Mexico".

Next year will be filled with adventures. This I can guarantee. 

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