Thursday, August 11

Summer Bummer

I've given up on summer. As said previously,  it will only exist for me outside of Washington state. Whatevs.

One of my coworkers has a saying: "If you're not on a trip, you're planning one." This is my life mantra. Despite not even having been on this upcoming trip, I'm already beginning to contemplate my next one. I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of going to the same place time and time again as I feel like I'm not growing. I want my world to be limitless and that's not really achievable if I
     Anyway, I'm really ready for Christmas. I can only assume the bug bit so early because of our pathetic summer. (I would like to emphasize the pathetic. It's pa-the-t-ic.) I really want to see London covered in snow. Of course I have a bit of a problem going to London twice in one year. It seems whenever I tell people I've gone to London twice, they seem almost disappointed. I'm really trying not to care, but I still do, so there's that. The thing is, with London, I feel like it's my second home. I hate leaving. I feel completely comfortable when I'm there. Naturally I want to see it during every season. I want to go shopping on Oxford Street during their Christmas sales and see Harrods decorated with Christmas trees. I want to wear peacoats and watch the Christmas episodes of all my favorite shows. I want to drown in it. (& it doesn't hurt that UK has THE BEST Christmas music around.)
       For some unexplainable, hypocritical reason I am also super tempted to go back to Paris. I'm really irritated with all the publicity Paris gets when it's not really that fantastic. I mean, people are obsessed and I didn't find it all that fascinating. Hopefully going into it with a clear idea of what's going on will make me appreciate it more? I don't know, but I think giving it a shot on a full stomach and a decent night's sleep may be in order. That, and I love French architecture. If it snowed in Nice I would probably go there as I just freaking love that place. I always want to mark off some things in my 2001 Things to Do Before You Die book like "Write poetry in a Parisian cafe" and "Spit off the Eiffel Tower". You know, classy stuff.
        Finally - less importantly - I want to go back to NYC. During Christmas, of course. I want to see Rockefeller center and the fashion district and have a treat at Serendipity. Honestly, as I type this out I only really want to stop over in New York. The city terrifies me. Most large US cities do (aside from Seattle. During the daytime.) Also, I want to see a Disney park all gussied up in it's Christmas magicness.

I guess I just really want it to be Christmas.

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