Saturday, April 20

A Box of Emotion

    I've begun working on my third Five Year Plan since the start of the year. It's interesting how life can change with a simple idea. 
    I am incredibly aware of the fact that I am a Big Picture person. I will get an idea, a glimpse of my ideal future or an exciting new opportunity, and I become enraptured in it. I break down all the details, budget, research, until I exhaust myself. The minute details get me bogged down until the passion that fueled me fizzles out. Then I get a new idea and I'm off again. There's always something too complicated or slightly unsettling that keeps me from actually pursuing anything. If I have to talk to strangers, spend money in an unusual way (et not on vacations), or simply move outside my comfort zone I become disinterested. I have a very comfortable life. I very, very rarely have to move beyond my comfort zone in my hometown. In my home country, I should say. 
    All this to say, I'm ready to start challenging myself. I feel like I've found a thing that I'm really excited about - one that feels so right. I'm ready to take the steps. I'm ready to take all of the steps. Living a life of complacency is so boring. A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. 

[side note: In 2013 I plan to watch every animated movie created by Disney & Pixar. My progress can be viewed via the Disney Rewatch page.]

Sunday, April 7

Disney Survey!

1. How old were you when you first visited a Disney park?
I was an infant
    2. Do you like the new look of the Disney princesses?
    No. I don't understand the need for the new looks. The princesses are such symbols because of their movies. Belle's new look especially now looks very little like her look in the movie, so I don't understand why that was necessary esp pertaining to the face characters in the parks.
      3. Do you look for Hidden Mickeys in the parks?
      No. I'm usually too caught up in the rides.
        4. What's your favorite character signature collected from the parks?
        I don't collect signatures. I feel so abnormal. 
          5. Have you ever had a Disney movie marathon?
          Of course. 
            6. Do you collect Vinylmations?
            No. When they first came out I didn't like them but they've started to grow on me.
              7. Favorite underrated Disney movie?
              Hunchback of Notre Dam, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, & Hercules.
                8. Favorite Disney/Pixar movie?
                Up, Toy Story 1 & 3
                  9. Do you prefer Rapunzel's long hair or short hair?
                  Long hair. I think the idea that she doesn't have as much magic when she's a brunette is kind of silly. 
                    10. Disney movie you watch the most?
                    Aladdin, Little Mermaid, & Hunchback of Notre Dam.
                      11. Have you ever had a birthday in the parks?
                      No. It's too close to Christmas/New Years so it's always WAY packed. The closest I went was on Dec 13th. At least it's always decorated fantastic for my birthday =]
                        12. Have you ever played Musical Chairs with the Mad Hatter?
                        No I think I'm too old? But I've witnessed it. 
                          13. Did you like Pocahontas 2?
                          Not really. 
                            14. Have you ever had a crush on a Disney character?
                            Aladdin and Prince Eric.
                              15. Who is your favorite prince?
                              Prince Phillip. Sleeping Beauty was really his movie.
                                16. Favorite villain?
                                Frollo. He's terrifying because he's doesn't use magic. He's very real. 
                                  17. What Disney movie makes you cry the easiest?
                                  Up + Toy Story 3.
                                    18. Favorite land in the parks?
                                      19. Have you ever been to EPCOT?
                                      Yes but I was 13, thought there would be loads of rides, and didn't yet care about international travel. So I thought it was a drag.

                                      20. Do you collect Disney mugs?
                                      Yes! I'm drinking out of one right now!
                                        21. Have you ever dressed up as a Disney character for Halloween?
                                        No. I never really dressed up for Halloween.
                                          22. What's your favorite Dapper Dans song?
                                          I didn't know they had multiple?!

                                          23. Do you have a Disney OTP?
                                          Not really?
                                            24. What is one Disney song you can listen to 20 times on repeat?
                                            Chim Chimney or Go The Distance. Or anything from the Tarzan soundtrack. Phil Collins is a legend.
                                              25. Favorite Timon & Pumbaa moment?
                                              When they first come upon Simba. 
                                                26. If you could spend a day in any Disney movie, which would it be?
                                                Who Framed Roger Rabbit. 
                                                  27. Would you ride Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run on a freezing cold day?
                                                  Yep! Lines are at their shortest! 
                                                    28. Do you have a favorite Disney park restaurant?
                                                    I've actually never eaten at one. I always get my dole whips though.
                                                      29. Have you ever named a pet after a Disney character?
                                                        30. Favorite Walt Disney quote?
                                                        "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."