Saturday, August 20

I have officially been awake for 25.5 hours, guys.

This is not a personal record by far (it currently stands at a tie for 72 hours in Australia and 72 in France.) However, this is the first time that I've:

A.) Decided, at four in the morning, to do a load of aerobics videos.
B.) Been at work for a nine hour shift

Seriously. I would be able to handle this if it weren't for that darn medicine. I don't know why I didn't think to pay any mind to the 'MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS' bold print on the side of the bottle. C'mon Diana - get your head in the game! You see, I'm sort of a nut job, and as a result I can't have caffine. CAFFINE. That chemical that wakes you up and keeps you agile for the day! I can't consume it!

So I was sitting at this desk trying my hardest not to nod off when one of the managers hands me a Red Bull. So what do I do in my state of near-unconciousness? I DRINK IT. As a result I have felt like the love child of Animal (from the Muppets) and the Energizer Bunny. I may very well physically combust like you see in the cartoons. My head may just explode clean off. But hey, at least I'm being 1,000x more productive than usual. Is this what cocaine feels like?

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