Wednesday, August 10

California Dreaming

       I'm surprising myself lately. I'm more concentrated on my life at each present moment and it's helping my productivity. That doesn't diminish the amount of the things still on my to-do list, but we're making progress.
       I'm starting to get enormously excited for the big vacation. I'm tired of working and being dependable. I have been spoiled with that day off on Sunday and now I crave freedom. The vast open road. The limitless plans. The sun. The pool. The last time I remember being warm was in Australia. That was in November. The temperatures have only risen above 80F about thrice this summer, and I bet all three of those days were Saturdays. Being a naturally frozen person, I yearn for the sun and warmth and  tanks and sunburns and flip flops and sunglasses. I'm predicting my summer will last approximately two weeks: September 10th - September 23rd.
       I'm quite curious about this trip as it will be the first one in a while that I am not taking by myself. For the most part there is a rough schedule I have to adhere to. If I don't feel like driving to California that day, I really don't have an option. If I want to walk for ten miles I probably won't be able to. Despite being "without responsibility" I'm wondering how much freedom I will actually be able to claim. On our last family vacation we had a 'relaxing' day where we stayed at the hotel the entire time. Yeah...I started going crazy. When I was in Europe, I was eating chocolate cake for dinner (and breakfast) and still losing weight because of all the explorations I went on. I want to be able to do that with this trip.                
     The cohesion of Diana's Vacations and The Family Vacation are going to be a very interesting design. And just think of all the pictures we will bring back to illustrate it!

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  1. I'm excited for the freedom mom and dad have given us to leave if we're getting bored with the family. We can go on explorations then! :-)