Tuesday, August 9

society, you're a crazy breed

        I've been working on a video I've had up my sleeve for the past two days now. I didn't go to sleep last night, and I just ran to the forest to shoot some missing pieces. I'm ready to be done with it, but I'm really excited that I'm making it perfect, too. I feel like I have a sense of direction right now and thus feel electrified. Last night, for example, I was much too wired to go to sleep. Even making the attempt at five this morning, I was only able to turn my mind off for about an hour.
       This new found passion coupled with the current events in London had me walking around all day today contemplating the mundane lifestyle I fixed up for myself. My job gives me the opportunity to observe a world of people seemingly completely oblivious to adversity. I listen to rants over the most absurd things. I console people for the most ridiculous of reasons.  As is the way of the customer service entry level positions - but today I was not having it.
        I sometimes wish I was as brave and free as Christopher Mccandless. To just be able to shirk all responsibilities, social norms, and material possessions and venture off into the unknown. I suppose metaphorically that is exactly what I'd like to do. I constantly talk about moving to London and doing who knows what, but I'm still very much so in the mindset that I'm fourteen and still too young to move across the world all by my lonesome. Lately, though, I wonder if I'm even meant for the first world at all.

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  1. You should totally go to Africa. And I'll go with you. With you mentioning today about how little all the problems at work are, I kept getting more and more frustrated with the customers who would complain about the service guys not answering their phones. We need to go to a place where people are actually suffering and be able to physically help them.