Sunday, August 21


I spent an enormous amount of time with Beth today. Mom and Dad were out with friends, so after church we came home and had lunch. She sat at the table with me which is a pretty big deal, and afterward we started playing Uno. We were talking about menial things as I was shuffling and I quickly put my hair in a braid just to get it out of my face. She looked at me for a minute before saying,"I can do them." I didn't have to ask for clarification before she pointed to my hair and said "I can do braids. Better." So she scooted out her chair, marched over to the back of mine, and started braiding. It turned out a lot better than I expected but my hair was still falling all over my face. She seemed quite proud though so I left it in.

After the three longest games of Uno I probably have ever played ever, I convinced her to walk to the store with me. On the way, she complained about pain so I made a detour to Starbucks for some smoothies. She was quite appeased. As we were walking back we spotted a big ol' patch of blackberry bushes. Needless to say, blackberry cobbler has been harvested, cooked, and eaten in the past few hours.  And that has been my incredibly boring, unthought-provoking day.

</This has a been a [pointless] post>

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  1. That blackberry cobbler must have been delicious!

    (Not enough berries in my diet, whether through hunter-gatherer means or other means).

    Yes, sitting at the table is a big thing for you both.

    So the braids are better for Beth when she can do them herself? Or is she better at doing braids than you are, Diana?

    And pride!