Wednesday, August 24

Things That Irritate Me

    I'm sitting here in my brand new The Mighty Thor tank top with my brand new union jack heart ring on my finger. Today has been a great day - materialistically, anyway. Nevertheless, aside from working and shopping today has been less than thrilling (as always) so I thought I'd construct a list of things that drive me insane. Here they lie:

1. People who take offense to things regarding people with  special needs, especially when it comes to the movie The Ringer and the word 'retard'. That word means something beyond the handicap realm, and people need to remember this. Also, I can't stand when someone causes a stir because their second cousin's best friend's lab partner's boss's nephew's neighbor has ADHD. This does not make you credible. At all.

2. Interrupting. People who interrupt should be shunned by society. It's just rude.

3. Being rude to animals. I don't mean the basic animal cruelty, but actual dog owners who scream at their dogs and shove them and kick them and stuff. I once saw some of my sister's friends call the family dog into the house just to slam the door in his side when he entered. I have never detested the being of a person more than when I saw that go down.

4. Not being allowed to not smile. I may be having a generally crappy day - my dog may have just died, or, you know, there may be so much going on in my life that constantly remembering to smile might be pretty low down on my priority list. So stop yelling at me about it. On the same note: the ever-expectant exchanging of pleasantries. They are generally pointless and shallow. No one who genuinely cares about your life is going to ask "what's up?!" or "hows it going?!"

5. Hitting every green light. It hikes my paranoia sky high and I'm convinced I'm going to get hit as I blast through each intersection.

6. People who get offended. By anything. Get over yourself and stop being so sensitive. It was not written in the constitution that everyone must be nice to you. Some people won't. Get over it.

7. Using swear words to amplify your sentiments. Your vocabulary is really that limited?

8. People who are glorified for doing mediocre things. Especially when this praise and glory goes to their heads and causes them to think that what they're doing is exceptional. My biggest bothers in this regard are when it comes to literary prowess and 'solo travel'. (It is not considered 'traveling on your own' if you're meeting someone at your destination. Getting yourself to an airport is not profound nor is it brave.)

9. Patriotism. I totally get having national pride and all that, but patriotism has become a vulgar word in my vocabulary as Americans seem to have taken it too far. We do not need to exonerate ourselves for simple acts. We are in so many respects not, in fact, number 1. We're just making ourselves look foolish by painting our faces red, white, and blue and screaming it at foreigners. (Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how many countries have those three colors? Loads of them! France, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. etc.)

...I tried to do more, but I can't think of any. I guess that's a good thing? Sorry if one of your annoyances is People Who Don't Finish Lists. Oh well.


  1. Hello.

    I agree with point 2 that the burden of shunning should be taken by society (or by individuals who matter to that person or to the wider group). Sometimes it can be more than rude, or less than rude.

    I also agree with points 4 and 8.

    The "green light" on the road was really interesting.

    "And it was not written in the Constitution". What do you think of the US having a Human Rights charter federally?

  2. So...yeah. I've noticed in the past year that I interrupt you CONSTANTLY. And it drives me crazy. I never mean to do it and I always feel horrible when I do because I get interrupted all the time by other people and it drives me nuts. So, sorry and please don't shun me. :)

    Oh, and what friend??

  3. Sharaya,
    Yeah I started to notice I was interrupting people when I was constantly being interrupted. I think it's just a vicious circle, nbd. & if your question regards #3, it was Evan and somebody else that I don't remember. (It was that day everyone came over after Monday Morning Prayer). He LAUGHED as they slammed the sliding glass door right in Buddy's side & then called him back to do it again! UGH I wanted to bite his face off!! Just remembering it gets me all riled up again.

  4. Oh geez, I don't even remember that!!! Wow.