Monday, August 15


     Today it seems people are hearing my thoughts. Those thoughts that I have kept to myself for specific reasons. I watch too much media, so when people do things that coincide with my thought process, I immediately think of What Women Want and Charles Xavier. So naturally I've felt quite guilty all day as a result.
      In other news my car died today. Over the past few years I've been torn financially between saving for a trip or saving for a car - with the former winning out every time. Now I suppose it's time to start saving for a new car. Since Winter 2008 - when I really got into Top Gear - I've been dying to get my hands on a Fiat 500, and they have finally arrived in the US. Alas, they are ~$17,000 which is about $16,800 more than I have saved up. Plus, these of course are not the exact European models, so the kinks still need to be worked out SO I'm considering buying a half-way car and waiting for future kink-free models.
     BUT I'm not the best at saving and I would quite like to go to South Africa, so...?

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