Sunday, August 14


This may sound absurd, but this fan made video has really impacted me creatively. The low view count on this bad boy does not justify it's awesomeness. This music video just blows my mind.

After seeing this, and seeing some other fun music videos people on YouTube have made, I really feel like actually trying to make mine amazing. Not just the one I'm working on, but all my future ideas. I'm starting to realize there's no point to only putting in half an effort, because really that's still failure. I'd rather strive for perfection than settle for less then out of fear of not achieving success. Clearly only giving 70% hasn't done me a world of good. It hasn't hurt me, but it's not helping me, so really what's the point? Failures are flyers who touched down, but they still know what it's like to leave the ground.  

& if we never make it ever, then it's gonna be okay with me
'Cause if it's not okay to fall sometimes, it's not okay to be

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