Friday, August 19


I really miss the days when summer was synonymous with freedom. Back when it meant there were no responsibilites except attaining the perfect tan. Before I started working seven days a week (it's been two years now. Two solid years.) I used to lay out in the sun all day, wear denim shorts, and go on little adventures. None of those things are possible anymore. I remember one time my friends and I were driving around trying to think of something to do when all of a sudden one of us said, "Let's go to Leavenworth!" and off we went.

I suppose I just thought adulthood was supposed to be more freeing than it is. And I don't even have a lot of responsibilities. When I was in High School I yearned for the freedom that came with being an adult. Now that I'm technically an adult I'm realizing these aren't the freedoms I anticipated.

I just want to be able to act on my whims. I want to be able to think about NY and fly there that night. I don't want restrictions. I never liked them much.

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