Thursday, August 18


        I love finding out how people perceive my life. Usually it's completely off base and entirely ludicrous. When I was younger I used to imagine a different life where everything was perfect, and I think most people imagine other people have perfect lives. No one really looks at a functioning member of society and goes, "I bet they had a rough childhood" or "he must suffer from a slew of psychological disorders". No - the grass is always greener; the house always has a white picket fence. 
       I love seeing my peers' and coworkers' reactions when I tell them a vital tidbit about me. When they found out I spent two weeks as a missionary at an orphanage in Mexico when I was six years old, they always seem sympathetic as if it was a mentally scarring incident. When they find out I'm smart - that really seems to blow their minds. Most of all, of course, is when they find out about Beth. I suppose having her as a sister really erases all misconceptions of my imaginary perfect life. 
        Isn't it interesting though, that when you finally do learn all of the pieces of someone's life, it makes sense. Their personality and their lifestyle are completely understandable when you see where they've actually been and not where you think they came from. Every time I give someone a new piece of my history, it's always an epiphany. 
        Of course this leads me to wonder where I would be if I had that pretend perfect life. How naive would I have been during High School? How selfish would I be if I had truly been the youngest? How close minded without the mission trips? How patriotic? How driven? How different

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  1. I actually try and make out the flaws in people. I study them and try and figure out how their childhood was; if they had a bad father or were spoiled or had a close one die. I always wonder what makes people the way they are. Maybe I'm just weird and a little creepy, though. Haha