Saturday, August 27


I'm currently writing this book (and by 'currently' I mean for the past year now) and frankly I'm in love. I love writing. I get this sensation after I plot out characters that they aren't made up anymore. What I'm writing isn't fiction and it makes it a lot harder for me to omit things or change things around. I named the main character of this current book Adelaide, and whilst I'm not in love with it, I can't change it because she IS Adelaide now. I can't change a coworkers name because I don't like it anymore. That's not the way this works.

I don't know if this makes me a mental patient or a perfectionist or what, but I find myself rereading old material and saying, "Isaac doesn't talk like that!" and "Addie would never think that." Actors talk about their love of acting stemming from the fact that they get to disappear into someone else's world and someone else's mind. That's how I feel when I write. I stop concerning myself with the immediate and get lost in the fictional world I've created. (And I want to do this forever.)

I can only hope the mass public feels the same way about Addie and Isaac when the time comes.


  1. Oooh, suspense!! :)

    By the way, when IS the time coming! There are people out here who are anxious to read it!