Wednesday, August 17


I love Disneyland. I have been infatuated with it for awhile now. One of my life goals is to 'be friends with' Rapunzel. She's the first Disney princess whom I resemble quite closely, and when she was inducted into the Princess family, I started getting excited.

Before all of that, though, I've just loved the place. The damp air that washes over you as you enter Pirates of the Caribbean, the copious amounts of churro stands, the quirky signs posted along the line for Splash Mountain, the roar of the Abominable Snowman in Matterhorn, traveling through the Disney resort on the monorail, the exit-gate hand stamps that never seem to wash off, the attraction posters in the train tunnels, the screams and howls you hear as you pass Haunted Mansion, the strictly edible plant life in and around Tomorrowland attractions, the hidden ATM in Adventureland, sneaking your way from inside the Main Street shops to Adventureland, the record-holding diorama of the Grand Canyon on the train ride, line wait times that never seems to last that long, the enthusiastic boat riders who sing along to It's a Small World, "driving" the Indian Jones car, extra extra EXTRA long Matterhorn seat belts, seeing unexpected face characters during the off season, the different trash cans in each Land, passing above Splash Mountain on the train, line tenders calling for a group of your exact size, Chewbacca in the Star Tours instructional video, the fruit stand right in the middle of Main Street, the bird calls from the Tiki Room, the lamplight left on in fire station, the hoof prints in the asphalt, Dole whips, the witty script of the Jungle Cruise guides, getting sunburns but being too caught up to even realize, the giant snake head at the entrance of Indiana Jones, spending obscene amounts of money for the souvenir photos just because, the whistling prisoner on Pirates, the song the bunnies sing right before the giant descend on Splash Mountain, the view of the castle from the top of Thunder Mountain, stroller parking in New Orleans Square, hidden Club 33, teenagers - and adults - shirking their dignity and having a ball in Toon Town, running into Main Street shops just to stay cool, Disneyland ice cream, the splinter-proof railing at Thunder Mountain. And above all: absolutely, completely, and whole heartedly giving in to the magic of Disney.

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