Wednesday, April 4


I've been enraptured lately with the individuality that throws itself in your face. I wish I had one of those faces or looks that would allow me to have a staple. People like Mike Tyson or Zoey Deschanel who wander around looking however they please and no one questions it. It's just like there is just a wide spread understanding that certain people get to do whatever they want because they DO it. I can talk about dying my hair all I want, but it doesn't matter until I actually do it.

I admire Adele so much for having this look. It's one of those things that if someone else even attempts a 60s debutante style everyone will immediately accuse her of trying to copy Adele. I view Bruno Mars this same way. 

I can't even rock bangs. Especially not Bardot bangs, which is something I've tried before - trust me. But bangs, nails, clothes aside, there is one look that I'm dying to rock. 

The red hair. I just can't get enough of it. I look at pictures of Zoey or Adele and think, "oh I'd love to rock that look" and then two seconds later I'm totally over it. I really want that red hair though. Sometimes I think, 'Maybe it's not about the red hair. Maybe I just want a staple of my own.' Nope. I just want that red hair.

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