Tuesday, April 3


To be frank, I'm taking the easy road here and will be using up a couple posts on my trip. The first installment shall be of the first installment: DisneyWorld.

I went to DisneyWorld under the pretense that I would be there for 24 solid hours. The night before I was still getting used to my creepy hotel room and thus only got about four hours sleep, on top of the three hours from the night before ON TOP OF the time difference. So that was great.

I've only been to DisneyWorld once in recollection, and it was six years ago so my memory is a little foggy. For some reason (monetary) I decided against getting a park hopper pass, so it was just me and the Magic Kingdom the whole day long. That was fine by me - I've grown up on Disneyland turf as it was, so Epcot and Animal Kingdom and MGM weren't of the utmost importance. And anyway, Magic Kingdom is just so magical on it's own.

I just love being in the Disney Bubble. It's the little things, really, like this hedge. Looks like a real bush, doesn't it? It's a tarp. (p.s. notice the lack of people?! In FANTASYLAND!?)

And then it's not always the little things. Like when I went on the People Mover, and classically we went through Space Mountain. Except, it was down (the fifth ride I experienced with at least one technically difficulty that day). Just for a few minutes, but long enough to need the lights on. I know this sort of thing irritates some people, but I find it fascinating. It's a glimpse behind the curtain, if you will.

In a shocking turn of events, I didn't find Space Mountain all that enjoyable. I loved Splash Mountain, though. I'm serious. Around 11AM a blatant pattern emerged: ride Splash Mountain, walk straight to Fantasyland for Mickey's Philharmagic, then head right for the People Mover. I "rode" each at least seven times. What's ridiculous is that I still managed to ride at least 70% of the rides there as well. 

The longest line I stood in was about 45 minutes, and that was for Splash Mountain at 4PM in the hot 94 degree weather. Someone several paces ahead of me actually collapsed of heat stroke, giving herself a nasty cut and concussion on the way down.

Honestly 24 hours at an amusement park is a lot longer than it may sound. At 1AM Disney performed their Electrical Parade for probably the seventh time that day. It was a blast, and it was a great sendoff. I don't know what it is about Disney parks and maybe even Disney in general. It just feels like home.

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