Tuesday, April 10


1. What’s your zombie apocalypse survival plan?
- Climb a high tree or something. Or trick them into thinking I'm one of them. I'm not up on the zombie knowledge so I don't really know they're typical attack methods.
2. What was the first book or movie that changed your outlook on life?
- I don't care what you think, it was The Hunger Games. Well, or maybe Walk Two Moons. I read that when I was 9 and it was the first time I became aware that death is common and natural and it was possible for kids my age to feel emotions and understand certain circumstances beyond their expected capacity. 
3. Any music from your early teens you’re embarrassed you listened to now?
- T-Pain.
4. What is the biggest non-traumatic trouble you’ve gotten into?
- One night in October a friend of mine and I decided to super glue mustaches to our faces and drive to Portland for donuts overnight. That's the first time I've ever been grounded. 
5. Do you love my beard?
- Always.
6. Best/worst Halloween?
- Best: last Halloween? If I remember correctly we had a movie night at Sharaya and Ryan's.
- Worst: I was grounded so it was boring.
7. What, if anything, is worth dying for?
- Jesus. Loved ones. Values, morals, a belief system. 
8. What’s your dream job?
- I honestly want to do a lot of things. I feel like maybe I haven't dipped my toes in enough pools. I'd like to be a preschool teacher, act in a movie or two, be a legitimate author, pilot a plane, work at a magazine, get a PhD. I don't know if I will be able to settle into a single occupation. Ever.
9. Dream vacation location?
- Thailand, the Bahamas, the Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Nice, Monaco, the Cinque Terre in Italy. It would be a long vacation.
10. What tattoo do you think a drunk you would get that sober you would regret?
- Anything I've casually considered. A black ink Cheshire cat smile, a white ink Neverland, 'Fickle' in script, 'Every Journey Matters', 'Unleash Hell'...wait, no I think 'Unleash Hell' would be the biggest bummer, despite my love of Wonder Woman.

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