Thursday, April 5

I Can Do Anything!

I wonder if our offspring have all decided to give up. They’ll never be senators or owners of a football team; they’ll never be the West Coast president of NBC, the founder of Weight Watchers, the inventor of shopping carts, a prisoner of war, the number one supplier of the world’s macadamia nuts. No, they’ll do coke and smoke pot and take creative writing classes and laugh at us. Perhaps they’ll document our drive, but they’ll never endorse it. I look at both of these girls and see it in their eyes, their pity for us and yet their determination to beat us in their own way, a way they haven’t found yet. I never found a way to beat my rulers. 
- The Descendants

I frequently fear things like this. I worry that maybe there are too many things to be. I'd love to be a writer. I know this. I can feel it. But if you look at 60% of the rest of my generation, they all seem to think the same. It's like the arts are the place for the lost and desolate and we're pretty much all lost right now.
I've had a theory for awhile that my generation suffers from a Peter Pan complex. We don't want to grow up. So many people my age are staying in college longer, living with their parents longer, trying to attempt things that are otherwise 'impossible' - in other words, trying to forge their way into Stardom. 
I hate making sweeping judgements on a large group of people, but from what I've seen I'm not that far off. I suffer from this same problem. I'm entirely conscious of it, too. 
I'm not going to speak for the rest of my generation, so I personally feel like there's too much out there. I want to be all of the above and I know that's not entirely possible. I've really only focused on writing, moving to London, getting a PhD and thats it. I didn't even consider working for NBC. And here's another generational problem: I feel like I can do all of it. Why can't I? Someone else is going to - why can't that someone be me? 
Ugh I don't want to deal with all this. I'm going back to Tumblr to reblog The Office gifs and obscure quotes.

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