Monday, April 9


A trait I'm starting to notice lately is how competitive I am. Being as I've gone my whole life until now thinking I didn't have a competitive gene in my body, I'm realizing how strong it actually is.

Theres the thing in May that - literally, if I don't do it "this time" in May the opportunity will never come around again. This isn't even me being dramatic. This is me being logical. Even if the chance does come back around in five or ten years I will be too old. It's now or never in an entirely literal sense. And I am extremely competitive about it. I know I'm not the only one who wants it, but I know I'm the one who should get it. Now I just have to convince everyone else.

Trying to get my book published? For some reason that's brought out a competitive nature in me. A different kind, sort of. Everyone my age is writing a novel. It's a surprise it's an accomplishment to complete it. Or maybe it is an accomplishment because no one actually finishes theirs. Whatever. There are a few people I know (my sister excluded) who are writing novels and I wanted to be the first to finish. I have. Now I want to be the first to be published. That's in the works.

My competitive gene seems underdeveloped - probably because of all the faux paux that comes with being competitive with people with disabilities. So growing up, where most kids were taught to compete with one another (or maybe that comes normally) it was discouraged in our household. And it makes sense.

But now I want to be the first female president on the moon.

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