Saturday, April 14


Today Sharaya, Allie and I went to Downtown Seattle! We started off the day at the Children's Museum!

Allie had a lot of fun! But we were getting hungry so we took the monorail to the Cheesecake Factory.

We told Allie we were going to have cake, so she got SUPER excited and kept saying "CAKE-CAKE!!" Potentially she thought it was a cupcake. We may never know.

Allie was playing with the lid of her cup and started sticking her finger into the straw slot. Eventually she started freaking out until we realized it was stuck! Sharaya pulled it out and noticed a small cut. =[

I just love that in the first picture Allie has a sad face and Sharaya is calm. In this one it's the opposite. Adorable.

We ended the adventure riding the monorail back to the car, where she fell asleep seemingly instantly. 

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