Saturday, July 16

Hello dear blogosphere,

     You have recruited another. I am quite excited for our future endeavors. There are a few things I ought to note before our relationship blossoms: Firstly I am very inconsistent. I cannot make promises about being up until 3AM typing up a post. I can't promise I'll update daily. I can't even promise weekly posts.
     What I can promise is passion. And thoughtfulness. Will there at times be absurdities and questionable statistics? Yes, there definitely will be. Will they be coupled with interesting topics and sub-par grammar? You betcha.
    My life is boring - this is certain. My mind, however, is just the opposite. Luckily for you, my mind and my thoughts are what will undoubtly fill this blog. I hope you're in for quite a ride.
     Until next time: peaches.

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