Saturday, April 20

A Box of Emotion

    I've begun working on my third Five Year Plan since the start of the year. It's interesting how life can change with a simple idea. 
    I am incredibly aware of the fact that I am a Big Picture person. I will get an idea, a glimpse of my ideal future or an exciting new opportunity, and I become enraptured in it. I break down all the details, budget, research, until I exhaust myself. The minute details get me bogged down until the passion that fueled me fizzles out. Then I get a new idea and I'm off again. There's always something too complicated or slightly unsettling that keeps me from actually pursuing anything. If I have to talk to strangers, spend money in an unusual way (et not on vacations), or simply move outside my comfort zone I become disinterested. I have a very comfortable life. I very, very rarely have to move beyond my comfort zone in my hometown. In my home country, I should say. 
    All this to say, I'm ready to start challenging myself. I feel like I've found a thing that I'm really excited about - one that feels so right. I'm ready to take the steps. I'm ready to take all of the steps. Living a life of complacency is so boring. A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. 

[side note: In 2013 I plan to watch every animated movie created by Disney & Pixar. My progress can be viewed via the Disney Rewatch page.]

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