Sunday, December 4

My Favorite (Holiday) Things

Red Starbucks cups, candy canes, radio stations dedicated to Christmas music, seeing your breath in the dark, cinnamon cloves burning on the stove, the smell of the Christmas tree, houses that go overboard with lights, putting up fairy lights in my room, being secretive, oversized sweaters, Christmas classics on prime time television, bundling up in scarves and hats, little girls in berets, rush hour in the dark when all the cars have their lights on, wreaths for car grills, Santa meet n greets in the mall, boots, the silence just after a fresh snowfall, black dogs playing in snow fields, losing white dogs in them, the frango set up outside of Macy's, unwrapping old nostalgic ornaments, adult snow days, apple cider, pie bake-offs, happy hearts, cinnamon buns for breakfast, eggnog, the sudden ideal that sweets can and should be consumed at all times, santa claus figurines, dark makeup, Terry's chocolate oranges, bananas in the stocking, when your nose turns red after being out in the cold, changing out of wet clothes, wrapping gifts, enough mashed potatoes to swim in, excitement, the Christmas specials, AND ON IT GOES.

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